Thomas Adams

Reading Google's mind since 2014


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Hi! I’m Thomas.

I am an SEO Consultant living in the great state of Kansas.

But what exactly is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

My job is to optimize a website by getting into the “mind” of search engines to figure out why they rank certain sites for certain keywords.

English, please!

It’s a mix of quality assurance and clairvoyance.


Basically, I’m a cross between Chandler Bing and Miss Cleo.

Oh! I get it now!

Glad we got that cleared up! 🙂

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What Others Are Saying

“Thomas was very easy to work with, Uber communicative and willing to help. His knowledge about SEO and willingness to help fix errors while explaining the process was outstanding. I highly recommend him for any SEO work.”

Christopher B.

“Thomas was very communicative and responsive and, above all, fast. He provided his deliverable ahead of schedule, which allowed us to pull our debrief call forward as well. He thoughtfully answered all my questions and was overall a very easy person to work with.”

Will S.

“Thomas was really diligent in fixing all of our problems, from dealing with our on-page SEO, to helping lay the groundwork for our content strategy. I 100% recommend that you and your business work with Thomas – he has been a great asset to us.”

Ross H.

“Thomas was excellent to work with the entire time!”

Taylor W.

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