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Hello there, I’m Thomas Adams. I am an SEO account manager, writer, musician, side hustler, and the best person you could have at a dance party (assuming Michael Jackson songs are played on repeat).

Back in 2014, after spending years working dead-end jobs and my Liberal Arts degree from JCCC was starting to gather dust, I made the decision to start looking for a new career path that didn’t involve dealing with customers screaming about their salads not being bagged properly.

The sequence of events went like this:

  • I turned to the internet to find out how I could make money
  • Got duped into signing up for some crummy MLM scheme
  • Shared it with all my friends on Facebook
  • Got told by all my friends that I was hacked since the messages I was sending them looked spammy
  • Made nothing
  • Quit the scheme after spending more money than I would have liked
  • Felt dejected
  • Decided not to give up and kept looking for something to make me money because I was not going to settle for where I was

Lo and behold, after going through that embarrassing ordeal I discovered a new path to success: building websites using WordPress.

My Journey into Online Business

After going through my awful ordeal, I found a much better community that helped lay the proper foundation for my success: Wealthy Affiliate.

As I mentioned, I was 22 at the time, fresh out of college and hungry to learn how to build an online business for myself.

After going through the Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp along with whatever else I could get my hands on that would teach me affiliate marketing, I began building niche websites.

The first website I ever built was a “fan” site of the show Pretty Little Liars (even though I wasn’t a fan at all and literally knew nothing about the series).

At the time, the show was extremely popular, and I remember stumbling upon the term “Pretty Little Liars Books” while doing keyword research.

So, I bought the domain Pretty-Little-Liars-Books.com.

Awful domain, eh?

I found an archived version of the site here: http://archive.is/9xemq

The site made me a few bucks through promoting PLL merchandise, which was pretty cool, but me being the impatient person I am decided to scrap the whole project altogether because I didn’t understand that with niche sites you have to wait for Google to do its thing while also pumping out consistent, well-written content that serves the user’s intent.

The Site That Changed Everything for Me

In 2015, I bought the domain TechProsperity.com and wrote a bunch of motivational articles on the site that didn’t really get traction.

My website was essentially flat on organic traffic:

Flat Organic Traffic

It wasn’t until around October 2017 that things started to get interesting.

Around that time, I decided to write high-quality, long-form content on everything I learned over the years regarding web design, eCommerce, etc.

After writing these articles, I let it sit for a while and continued my side hustle of building websites for local businesses

…and that’s when the magic started happening:

Few hits of organic traffic

I started getting around 4-6 hits per day organically!

Not bad, I thought.

I let the site sit for about a year and when I went back to look into Google Analytics I was shocked at what I found:

Lots of organic traffic

I was getting 50-80 people per day!

Needless to say, I was beyond thrilled.

I slapped some Adsense ads onto the site and started getting a few dollars to roll in each month which was nice.

Updated Domain

Eventually, I decided to take a different angle with my site and rebranded it as ThomasFAdams.com.

This caused a slight dip in traffic and rankings, but I knew it would eventually recover.

And, as you can see, it has:

Organic Traffic Chart

How You Can Do This Too

I’m nobody special.

Just ask my wife!

That was a joke, she loves me dearly and the feeling is mutual, but seriously:

I owe all of the success I’ve had both as a web designer, SEO and as a writer for this website to hard work, patience, and not quitting when it got tough.

That’s it!

Oh…and about a dozen sleepless nights trying to get a website built for a client who could not make up their mind on how they wanted their site to look.

But hey, that’s just livin’ the life of a web designer!

If you have any questions or need help with anything, feel free to reach out to me on my contact form and I’ll be happy to help!