A New Dawn

Professional photographer takes photos with camera on tripod on rocky peak at sunset.

Hello, internet!

Thomas Adams here, and I’m pleased to announce my next project: an informational blog for entrepreneurs/marketers/etc.

Over the past 3 years I have been working hard (most of the time) in figuring out both how to build a business online as well as do digital marketing.

I am excited to share all the knowledge that I have gained with you.

No, this isn’t a lame MLM blog trying to get you to buy my system or whatever, I’m just going to share free information with all of you and not sugar coat anything.

I have nothing to sell as of right now, and I’m doing this for fun.

As of right now, I not only have an eCommerce business in the works, but I have a great job as an SEO Specialist that I would not have been able to have had I not spent countless hours researching and doing digital marketing.

Stay tuned for more information, and like I said I’m just doing this for fun so I don’t plan on being very polished with my writing.


An SEO expert, web designer, and writer, Thomas blogs on his website ThomasFAdams.com where he teaches people how to start successful online businesses involving topics ranging from web design to affiliate marketing and eCommerce. Since 2014, he's worked with countless business owners to help them improve their organic presence online. When he's not writing about online business or geeking out about the latest Google algorithm update, he spends his free time playing the piano and working out with his wife.


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